Blockchain Use Cases


Blockchain Use Cases

  • Supply Chain
  • Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence reduce time to track products from days to minutes.

  • Real Estate
  • Blokchain and AI help in digitizing commercial property lease guarantees. We were able to increase transparency and reduce risk, error, and fraud.

  • Insurance:
  • Blokchain and AI help keep better tabs on the whole insurance process. We were able to make auditing aspects of the shipping supply chain easier. This achieved an improvement of tamper resistance, and also enabled for sharing of data in real time.

  • Verification of Certificates of Authenticity:
  • AI help established instant verification of certificates of authenticity on a blockchain. By leveraging blockchain technology, we were able to add hundreds of thousands of certificates to be verifiable on a blockchain. This improves their tamper resistance and it reduces fraud and counterfeiting.